What I Thought Writing On Paper

I laid on my velvety satin baby blue bed sheets. I thought of all the things that had happened to me in one day. First, a big thunder, sadness and more sadness in a whole day. The thunder was too loud and clear for all the news mongers to hear. Broadcasts of the bad weather made their way onto the daily weather news on the TV channels. What a wasteful day! I was thinking of going to my office and to research about what this article would include but it didn’t go as I planned it would be. The blog which I’m writing is called “Delicious Fantasies”! As I thought of all on how would I have started this day with my very first article in this personal blog of mine. It’s not that much personal. Its just normal and would love to get the attention of fair minded people. I was so bored so that’s why I took out a notepad out of my bedside table and started writing all of this down. Writing on paper seemed to boring to me. Not to tappity tap words onto the untitled blog entry for my blog. I couldn’t describe what the feeling was! I clearly felt that I had to express words on a blank page on the laptop in my office. I couldn’t even think of what to write about as my very first article. Yeah! I felt so numb and dazed. So calmly I put down these words on the crispy paper of that notepad honestly. People might want to fantasize about their lives by telling their friends that they’re travelling to New York the next day. Or that they are gonna be checking out hot new restaurants to visit and to push some burgers down their throats. Honestly, what kind of world would that be where we could run freely, anywhere,grow wings that could help us in flying from South Miami to Florida and technically we would also be able to buy all the things that are in our wish lists. Surely that would be paradise. Full cotton candy paradise! Unfortunately, which could only find itself vested in our dreams. When we are all fast asleep. As the word ‘fantasy’ comes to mind, we usually read out popular fairytales like Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Beauty and the Beast. They all contain the fantasies and luxuries of life which normal girls got and about their comfort of living in great palaces. That’s the fantasy in fairy tales!